"Hansen approaches the listener through a series of rich Dark Ambient and crisp drones. Occasional rasps of distortion grind a welcome appearance into the mix, driving an edge to the proceedings; alongside gasps of frost-tinged ambience, that breathe an accompanying chilled mist for atmospheric weight. Balancing distance between the varying degrees of sound is something that Hansen has achieved to great effect." [9/10, Black Audio]

"I must say a daring approach, but I am not sure if it works for me that well. I quite enjoy single pieces out of this collection, as they are spacious, gritty (there is even a distorted guitar to be spotted in some of these pieces), noisy, ambient and such like, but the pieces are so damn short. Much of what you hear in these short pieces could easily offer something that lasts four or five minutes I would think. Have some more pacing, slower developments, let sounds play out more and that sort of compositional deliberations. There is a wealth of material in these twenty-one pieces that just scream to be explored." [FdW, VitalWeekly 1035]

"Considering the album is 21 tracks long with offerings barely ever reaching the three minute mark, the intensity Hansen manages to reach from track to track is really rather impressive. At moments Terminal Velocity calls to mind Jed Kerzel’s soundtrack to angst-ridden John Bunting biopic Snowtown, so forceful are its narratives. Take ‘Disadvantage Point’ for example, shuddering amp-driven chords and screeching harmonics hurtle alongside one another like two burning meteors flying through space." [Theo Darton-Moore, Stray Landings]

"There are plumes of beauty and exhilarating eruptions of colour, although given the speed with which the sensory matter vanishes from view, I’m left cradling the emotional imprint rather than the sound itself, like a drunken night that unfolds too quickly to consciously register. Terminal Velocity is a slur of positive sensation; a waterfall that sends present-tense experience cascading into the pool of short-term memory. I know for certain I enjoyed myself. Just don’t ask me to recall specifics." [Jack Chuter, ATTN:Magazine]

"Genres such as the ambient and drone converge on this album in which interesting distorted guitar bursts are detected that come together with dark atmospheres based on digital sound lines that can be appreciated on an ongoing basis in the first six tracks. Then a small cut on "Improving Gravitational Resistance" with its guitar drones, is the prelude to the epic melody of "Hard Light in Solid Gold"." [Guillermo Escudero, Loop.cl]

Released May 2016 on heavyweight bluevinyl by Tonometer Music. Available from Tonometer/Bandcamp or Route66, Soundstation and Posh Isolation in Copenhagen. 


Concert, Studenterhuset, Aalborg 29/9 With Christian Skjødt.
Solo exhibition, Spanien 19C, Aarhus. Opens 10/09.
Concert, Aarhus, 22/10 With Christian Skjødt. TBA.
Solo exhibition, Møstings Hus, Copenhagen. Opens 14/01 2017.