Selected Works

Vibrant Cathedral II, video shot at 'The Space Between The Silence' solo-exhibition at Møstings Hus. 
Supported by Danish Composers Society / Koda's Cultural Funds and Danish Arts Foundation.

This video was filmed and edited by I Do Art Agency.

In the work, the uneven rotation of the motor is used to create an ever changing soundscape, where the dissonance lies as a constant drone due to the unpredictable cadence of the sinkers.
Supported by Danish Composers Society / Koda's Cultural Funds and Danish Arts Foundation.

This video was filmed and edited by I Do Art Agency.

Vibrant Cathedral. In a dim-lit room, 15 computer controlled black fans blow at different cycles and varying speeds. Attached to the grill of each fan is a 2 meter piece of commercial grade tin foil, dancing on the airwaves, thus producing an immense wall of tiny crackling and rustling sounds as the tin foil incessantly crinkles and creases from the bursts of air. During the course of the exhibition the tin foil disintegrates due to the destructive forces of the wind, thus making the initial ghostly poetic intimacy bear resemblance to a battlefield. 

This video was filmed and edited by Thor Hampus Bank @ GotFat.

In the work Eternal Storm (2014), the spectators are reminded of the destructive forces of nature. As if in slowmotion a storm-damaged greenhouse rotates under the ceiling whilst a carefully crafted soundscape creates the illusion of the fury of powerful forces. But as opposed to the severe incidents during the storm Bodil, this is more of an oddly mesmerizing, almost introvert experience. The slow rotation of the sculpture is in a constrasting relationship with the dramatic, auditive staging and rather than observing the hurricane from the outside it is experienced from its silent eye. The work was commissioned by Four Boxes Gallery and has also been on display at Art Copenhagen 2014.

This video was recorded at Four Boxes Gallery in Skive (DK) in 2014.

Somewhere in Time consists of a series of turntables that challenges time in a very radical way. The turntables, which are beautifully crafted in dark-stained MDF has more in common with sculpture than musicality and will only play Tyrolean music at the sluggish speed of 4RPM!

This is where the work finds its ressonace; in the dissolution of time or maybe rather an extension of time to the point where time-based communication is dissolved and remains meaningless. But because this meaninglessness exists in several versions qua the number of players, the loss of meaning is thus organized into a system that creates a new meaning in it's own right. A musical near-vacuum that has more in common with the pause than the beat, a sound installation of crackles, distorted tones and lost bars that re-joins in new harmonics, creating a sound universe parallel to the musical. The work has been on display in Gorzow (PL), Copenhagen (DK), Venice (IT), Madrid (ES) and New Delhi (IN).

This video was recorded at In Sonora Festival / IED Space, Madrid, Spain 2014.

A very direct visualization of sound; Utilizing the physics of sound to create 'animals' that will leave a trace dependent on the sound fed to them. The Spiderbytes installation has been shown in different locations and slightly different versions in cities such as Berlin (DE), Viborg (DK), Madrid (ES), Ikast (DK), São Paulo (BRA), Szczecin (PL) and Waterford (IRL).

In 2011 Spiderbytes was awarded with a Honorary Mention in the category Digital Music and Sound Art at Prix Ars Electronica.

This video was recoded in Berlin (DE) in 2011.

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